A pink, distressed, raver smiley face with dripping edges animates into the Lazy Rave band logo.

Lazy Rave

Illustrated cover art for singles. Band logo design

Redesign concept for Lazy Rave’s band logo and creating a series of illustrated cover artworks. The emphasis on bright, saturated colour and trippy, psychedelic visuals reflect the essence of the band’s energy, lyrics and love of raver culture.

Using vibrant, intense colours make the artwork eye-catching and visually striking. These colours are a nod to the energy and dynamism of electronic music and raver culture.

A head or character at the centre of each cover artwork acts as a focal point, adding a sense of intrigue. The floating element could symbolise the fluid, transcendent quality of the music.

Using a flat, graphic background colour provides a clean and modern aesthetic, ensuring the focus remains on the central illustration.

Obscuring the band’s logo in each artwork creates an air of mystery and curiosity. Given that music is primarily consumed on streaming platforms with accompanying text and metadata, obscuring the logo won’t hinder recognition while enhancing the artistic appeal.

This design treatment effectively combines elements from Lazy Rave’s lyrics and love of raver culture iconography, resulting in a unique, visually captivating series of cover artworks. It’s a great approach for capturing the band’s unique identity and attracting their target audience in the electronic music scene.

Lazy Rave
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Animation showing six colourfully illustrated record sleeve designs for the band LazyRave

The Singles

Cover illustration for Lazy Rave’s single Lazy Raver. A pretty young woman’s face in teal and pink floats against a backdrop of yellow and pink. The girl wears sunglasses which reflect a swirling pattern. Half of her face is dissolving into psychedelic, liquid colour.
Lazy raver (Can you still operate)
Cover illustration for Lazy Rave’s single Snakey. A creepy medusa-headed man holds his face like a mask, revealing a nest of snakes within his head, along with a pair of piercing green snake eyes.
Cover illustration for Lazy Rave’s single Work At It. A wolf wearing a biker-style leather jacket and smiley-face t-shirt is smoking a cigarette. The wolf has an eye patch with a target on it.
Work At It
Cover illustration for Lazy Rave’s single Terraform. A human skull sits inside an astronauts helmet. The helmet is partly filled with black liquid which drips out the bottom. Stars twinlkle in the skulls eye sockets.
Cover illustration for Lazy Rave’s single 85. A person with feminine and masculine features wears an elaborate porn star moustache, pixellated sunglasses and 80s-style clothing.
85 (featuring Johnny Bluehat)
Colourful pop-art illustration for Lazy Rave’s single 1994. Two halves of a woman’s smiling face, one half in pink and the other in teal, float against a background of stars, planets and UFOs. One half of the woman’s face licks a sun-smiley-face at the centre of a solar system.
A hand holding an iPhone. The screen display shows Lazy Rave’s song Terraform playing on the Spotify music app.
Lazy Rave artwork on Spotify. The designs are incredibly colourful and eye-catching.
Pop-art animation of a sunglasses-wearing man’s face being removed to reveal a nest of snakes inside his head.
Animated graphic for promotion on Instagram and social media channels.