Lockdown Skull (original painting)

A colourful skull filled with stars, planets and cosmic bodies.

This painting is a cropped adaptation of my Void risograph print – and a test run for painting that piece fully in acrylic.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, I started to paint as a creative outlet that didn’t require staring intently at a screen all day.

I wanted to explore what I could achieve without an Undo button. This is the sixth painting in that journey.

Watch an overview of the painting at the bottom of this page.

Also available as prints at A5 and A4 sizes.

The prints have a yellow background, while the painting has a black background. The paint smeared across the canvas when I came to varnish, and the black version is how I rescued the piece.



Only 1 available
A5 (148mm x 210mm x 17mm)
Acrylic paint and Posca pen on stretched canvas frame
Finished with satin varnish

Packing and delivery
Packed securely with bubble wrap and cardboard to ensure safe delivery.