The Prince and The Puppy

Author Jon Ahmad commissioned Velcrobelly to illustrate and design the cover and inners for The Prince and The Puppy, his interpretation of an oral folk tale passed down through generations of his family and told to him by his father.

The covers were designed to illustrate the prince’s journey from being raised in the wilderness to claiming his position as ruler.

The Prince and The Puppy is available in e-book format from Amazon.

A powerful and honoured kingdom shattered apart by greed, jealousy and the evil of black magic. When Akeem, a supernatural prince with a miraculous ability is born in Northern Africa, his sworn enemies are determined to destroy him. His father’s best friend and honoured servant Hasan, is forced to go into hiding and raise the baby prince.

With Akeem’s mother, the beautiful Queen Malika imprisoned for life in a dark dungeon with her only companion, Obi the puppy, will their treacherous and callous enemies ever face justice for the ultimate crime of treason?

Synopsis from The Prince and The Puppy