The Town Mouse Ale House – Third Birthday Bash poster design

An illustrated poster design for The Town Mouse Ale House’s third birthday celebration event.


Poster design sketches on the yellow-tinted paper, and the final pencil sketch (right)

Initial thoughts and concepts are sketched out quickly. These are usually very messily drawn but are a great way to test ideas and layouts.

In the image above, there’s a little doodle of the birthday logo concept in the bottom left corner.

Costume logo variations

Since first designing the Town Mouse logo, special costume logo variations have been created for seasonal promotions, such as Halloween, Christmas, Oktoberfest and football matches.

Layout mock-up

Creating 3D shapes and text in Illustrator to sketch on top of.

Once the ideation phase is complete, a mock-up is created at scale in Illustrator and Photoshop to build the cake layers and refine the sketch.

This could be done by hand, but thankfully, Illustrator provides a handy way to create, manipulate and edit the perspective of 3D objects.

Building a simple, solid visual foundation for sketching on top of is the goal here. The image is then printed at A3 and strapped to a light box for sketching.

Drawing and digital

Detail of the final pencil sketch

Using the digitally-created sketch as a guide, I draw line art using a couple of mechanical pencils on Bristol board.

Once the line art is complete, my drawing is scanned in two halves and stitched together in Photoshop to be inked.

Throughout this process, I’ll make minor edits to remove excessive visual information or reposition elements that are too cluttered.

Some of the icing-style lettering is drawn directly in Photoshop.

Hand lettering isn’t a strength of mine. Working digitally allows me to refine and edit more easily than rendering with a pencil.

I play about with the colour scheme trying different variations but decide to keep it super simple with only black, red and mustard.

The result

Final poster design for The Town Mouse’s third birthday bash

And this is the final poster. Texture has been added for a little analog flavour.

The artwork is then prepared for print, cropped and resized for a range of sizes on social media, and sent over to our client.